We are an international group of acute and emergency physicians, psychologists and clinical academics. Since 2014 we have been collaborating with the main goal to improve patient outcomes and experiences by focussing on identifying, monitoring and treating acute patients in the best possible setting and evaluating the quality of care by outcomes valued by patients.

Our key objectives are to identify research needs and evidence gaps aligning with our interests and focus and to contribute to safety and quality of care for the acute ill patient.

Tim Cooksley

Tim Cooksley is Consultant in Acute Medicine at Manchester University Foundation Trust, Honorary Consultant at The Christie and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester. Tim is editor-in-chief of Acute Medicine and President Elect of the Society for Acute Medicine. He is a proud founder member of the safer@home group. I am also vice-chair of the MASCC neutropenia, infection and myelosuppression study group and sat on the inaugural NCRI Acute Oncology group.